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Duct Camera Survey

Is your building & workplace legally compliant? Contact us and find out

Our Ductwork Camera Survey Enables Us To Inspect Your Full Ductwork System, Including Hard-To-Reach And Inaccessible Areas.


                                                               With an internal ventilation system camera survey, we can:

  • Investigate internal damage

  • Inspect levels of grease, dust and dirt build-up

  • Identify the sources of HVAC problems, e.g. reduced airflow, leaks, pressure loss or fan problems

  • Search for suspected pest infestations

  • Check through the system components of the ductwork such as fire damper numbers, positions and locations to ensure they are functioning and not blocking the system

  • Understand what repairs and maintenance you need.


Once our survey is complete, we will give you a detailed report with our findings, including photographic evidence, video footage and details of distances and depths. We will make recommendations on how to resolve any issues and help you plan ahead for future maintenance

- With the market-leading CCTV cameras, DVD recorders and other equipment, our teams are able to cope with the most challenging ducting situations. In fact, CCTV surveys are an inevitable part of our services.

- Our high resolution camera is capable of travelling through 35 meters of ducting before requiring another access point, documenting its findings along the way.


- The inspection cameras can operate in both rectangular and cylindrical ducts, and vertical systems via our drop camera.

- GWS can undertake a full quotation for your ventilation ducting cleaning requirements and combine this with the recordings of the robotic camera survey.


- Alternatively we can combine the robotic camera survey with the cleaning process with a before and after cleaning video.


- We are also available for stand alone jobs where you might have an obstruction in the duct or may require other detailed information from our service.

- On completion the video will be sent to you with a comprehensive report, colour images, description of defects, and our experts’ recommendations.

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