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Microbio Testing

Microbiological Testing for Bacteria, mould and yeast 

Ductwork swab testing is carried out mainly in ventilation systems serving such as Schools, offices, food manufacturing sectors and  hospitals,  etc.  Testing is used to check if there is a presence of microbiological organisms in ductwork that could be problematic. High moisture, warm conditions and poor hygiene of ductwork could potentially lead to the growth of harmful pathogenic microorganisms.


Dust Thickness Testing (PVT) for Dust and Debris

This test is used to collect dust from the surface of  ductwork by connecting a capsule to our calibrated vacuum test pump. This will determine the overall ductwork cleanliness and air quailty in accordance with BS15780 and TR10 Guidelines. 

Why its important that you know what's in your ductwork:

Your system could be harvesting thousands of harmful bacteria and viruses which are not visible to the eye. The Health and Safety Regulations now stipulate that owners/employers must ensure that there ducts are regulary maintained and professionally cleaned to comply with this legislation. Our detailed report will determine the overall condition of the ducting and future maintenance.

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