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Ventilation hygiene, services and compliance for your 

business or premises 

24 hour 7 days a week services all in one place for your own peace of mind


Services we provide

We work within facilities management, education, pubs & restaurants, hotels & stadiums, food production, healthcare, and many more


Extract System Cleaning


Fire Damper



Air Ventilation Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Laundry Ducting Cleaning

Laundry Duct  Cleaning


Fog & 
Contamination Cleaning

Ductwork Camera Surveys

Ductwork Camera Survey

More ..

Microbiology Ductwork Testing

Microbiology Duct Testing


for over 20 years GWS has been delivering nationwide commercial duct maintenance services to customers like yourself, our skilled engineers trained to BESA standards offer advanced techniques to meticulously clean and maintain your ductwork, supply and extract systems, going beyond routine cleaning as well as offering expert recommendations for maintenance and repairs, reducing health risks from airborne pollutants and enhancing overall system efficiency.

In addition to our core services, GWS specialises in comprehensive compliance work for your business or premises, our expertise covers diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and engineering 

Extract System Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning TR19 Guidelines
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Air Ventilation Cleaning
Air Ventilation Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Systeme Cleaning
Kitchen Extract System Cleaning

Nationwide customers. thousands of locations.

One provider.

We offer high quality Service's to a vast range of customers across the UK, providing 24 hours service 7 days a week to no company too large or too small 

All our technicians undergo full intensive training to the relevant guidelines and to the standards of BESA 

Works can be completed using the latest technology, such as rotary brush machines together with air movers and inspection cameras to ensure ductwork is cleaned to a high standard providing full detailed after reports and recommendations 



Why its important

Compliance with ductwork maintenance is essential for ensuring fire safety/general health safety, regulatory compliance, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, system longevity, and liability reduction within buildings. Regular inspection, cleaning, and testing of ductwork and associated components are crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe environment.


By keeping ducts clean and functioning properly, it ensures that air quality remains high and energy is used efficiently. This in turn, extends the life of the system and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and fire breakouts additionally, following maintenance guidelines helps to limit potential legal issues by showing that the building owner is taking responsibility for safety. 

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